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Domen-Kubota Laboratory
Laboratory of Catalysis
Prof. Kazunari Domen Assoc. Prof. Tsutomu Minegishi
Assoc. Prof.
Masao Katayama Assist. Prof. Takashi Hisatomi
Assist. Prof. Tomohiro Higashi Tech. Staff. Yoko Kako
Photocatalysts for water splitting, surface reaction dynamics,
catalysts for fuel cell application

Catalysts can play an essential role in solution to environmental and energy problems. This laboratory develops novel catalysts, especially photocatalysts for water splitting in order to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water using the sunlight. The production of hydrogen energy from sunlight enables us to have sustainable and renewable energy source.
Another progress in this laboratory is the developments of fuel cell catalysts and solid acid catalysts. In addition, to understand the reaction mechanisms at catalyst surfaces in the atomic or molecular scale, this group performs several surface spectroscopic and microscopic techniques

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