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第334回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー Modeling Heterogeneous Reactions and Mass Transport in COMSOL Multiphysics

東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工学部5号館 輪講室(341号室)
講演題目 Modeling Heterogeneous Reactions and Mass Transport in COMSOL Multiphysics
講演者 Dr. Ed Fontes
Chief Technology Officer, COMSOL
概要 This presentation focuses on the modeling of fluid flow, mass transfer, and heat transfer in combination with heterogeneous reactions. These reactions may take place on a catalyst surface and may be treated using heterogeneous detailed geometries or homogenized porous structures with averaged effective properties. The presentation also demonstrates the use of COMSOL Multiphysics with the Reaction Engineering and CFD Modules.
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第333回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー Case Studies from an Academic Perspective in Switching from Batch to Continuous Pharmaceutical Drug Product Manufacturing

東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工学部3号館 大会議室3(6B04号室)
講演題目 Case Studies from an Academic Perspective in Switching from Batch to Continuous Pharmaceutical Drug Product Manufacturing
講演者 Prof. Ingmar Nopens and Prof. Thomas De Beer
Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis Ghent University, Belgium
概要 This presentation will focus on the drivers, needs and current trends as well as on the role of academia in switching from batch to continuous pharmaceutical drug product manufacturing. Besides giving an overview on the current developments in continuous manufacturing equipment technologies, also advancements in continuous manufacturing process development strategies and process monitoring and control methods will be presented. As a first case study, the development and potential use of a predictive platform for continuous direct compression processing through the use of extensive raw material databases will presented. In the second part of the presentation, focus will be given to continuous from-powder-to-tablet manufacturing via continuous wet granulation. In order to optimize and control continuous manufacturing through wet granulation, increased process knowledge is needed, which can be achieved by means of mechanistic modelling. An overview will be given on modelling of both the wet granulation as the consecutive drying step which is enhanced by dedicated and detailed data collection and interpretation. Finally, examples of PAT for on-line control of continuous from-powder-to-tablet manufacturing will be given.
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第332回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー Integrating strategic environmental assessment and material flow accounting: a novel approach for moving towards sustainable urban futures

2018年11月16日(金) 16:00-18:00
東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工3号館 小会議室1(6C02号室)
講演題目 Integrating strategic environmental assessment and material flow accounting: a novel approach for moving towards sustainable urban futures
講演者 Prof. Giuseppe IOPPOLO
Department of Economics, University of Messina (Italy)
Short CV
概要 Purpose
  The population living in urban areas of the world continues to grow rapidly. It is, thus, a great priority for the planning practice to embed sustainability concept in their urban development endeavors. Currently, development and expansion of urban systems stress the need to control consumption of resources, especially non-renewable ones. There is also a need to reduce related environmental impacts, while stimulating a sustainable pathway for the population and urban growth.

  Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is useful for policy design to build an integrated method for supporting the development of a sustainable society. It undertakes territorial assessments and describes urban flows and impacts related to them by using a variety of tools, including material flow accounting (MFA). This study employs MFA, as it fits well within the scope of SEA and supports the growing environmental attention in the urban metabolism approach. Although helpful, MFA has not been systematically applied in the urban development context; for this reason, this paper proposes the integration of SEA and MFA.

Results and discussion
  Integration of SEA and MFA generates a new framework for sustainable development planning. The framework is structured in phases oriented to the continual improvement based on the Deming cycle (i.e., plan, do, check, act), a key management approach mainly used in businesses for improving the effectiveness of an organization. It can also be implemented at the urban system level. In order to maintain normative compliance, each process (urban planning, strategic environmental assessment with urban metabolism approach, participatory processes) is standardized in line with a common and mandatory approach. While the processes are integrated among them, highlighting the reciprocal contact points, the results are combined in a holistic perspective. The framework, hence, transforms the voluntary MFA tool into a mandatory process.

  The proposed SEA-MFA framework has the potential to unify and standardize the processes of categorizing and quantifying data in order to improve the understanding of urban metabolic principles and scale effects. It also supports management and policy development and meets the requirements of different stakeholders. The framework, thus, generated a novel approach for sustainable urban development planning by providing solutions for specific policy problems and ensuring urban ecological balance and sustainable urban futures.
世話人 菊池康紀(内線21597)、梶川裕矢 (国際高等研究所 サステイナビリティ学連携研究機構)

第331回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー 第一原理シミュレーションによる光化学反応と不均一系触媒反応

東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工学部3号館 6B04会議室
講演題目 第一原理シミュレーションによる光化学反応と不均一系触媒反応
講演者 中山 哲
概要 本セミナーでは、第一原理シミュレーション手法を用いて、光機能性分子と不均一系触媒反応の多次元ダイナミクス追跡によって得られる情報とそれを基にした機能設計に関する取り組みについて紹介する。光機能性分子に関しては、非断熱遷移、スピン交差、周辺の環境効果といった因子を取り入れた多次元・多状態ダイナミクス計算手法を用いることで、光機能設計に重要な光特性の理論的予測や先端的分光実験データとの直接比較が可能になることを具体的な例をもとに紹介する。また、不均一系触媒では、主に固体酸化物を用いた有機反応をターゲットとし、界面における分子の動的挙動、酸・塩基点や酸化還元特性などに着目した触媒機能解析について、計算手法についても触れながら、演者らの取り組みについて紹介する。
世話人 酒井康行(内線27073)

第330回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー 腎臓の再生医療を目指した多角的アプローチ

2018年11月5日(月) 13:00-14:30
東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工3号館 大会議室2(6C06号室)
講演題目 腎臓の再生医療を目指した多角的アプローチ
講演者 西川昌輝
Assistant Researcher
David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles
概要  ヒト人工多能性幹細胞 (iPS細胞) の開発は、疾患メカニズムの解明、創薬、再生医療などの研究にパラダイムシフトをもたらした。それにより、生体外での細胞組織構築とその利用を目指した研究では、従来の細胞組織工学の重要性はもちろん、発生生物学・幹細胞工学・分子細胞生物学・バイオインフォマティクスなど幅広い分野の包括的な理解と融合による多角的な視点が不可欠となっている。
世話人 酒井康行(内線27073)

第329回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー Solid-State NMR: a Key Tool to Probe Local Structures, Electronic Structures and Defects in Battery Materials

2018年9月18日(火) 14:30-15:00
東京大学 工学部3号館 6階 6C07会議室
講演題目 Solid-State NMR: a Key Tool to Probe Local Structures, Electronic Structures and Defects in Battery Materials
講演者 Prof. Dany CARLIER
University of Bordeaux
概要 For energy storage, nowadays, Li-ion and Na-ion batteries are major technologies for mobility applications and also for large-scale storage of energy and their integration in the grid. In the scope of finding new positive electrode materials with improved performances, the deep understanding of the link between their structure, electronic structure and electrochemical behavior is crucial. As the presence of defects or disorder may play a critical role, a local characterization of the materials is highly required. To that extent, Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (MAS-NMR) appeared to be a key tool. For paramagnetic materials, it allows to probe both, the local structure and the local electronic structure thanks to the Fermi contact interaction. In order to assign the signals and understand the spin transfer mechanism through the chemical bonds, we have been developed the use of ab initio calculations for some years.
Some recent studies of the characterization of defects or disorder in layered oxides or V-phosphate materials will be presented. Using MAS-NMR we showed that several phosphate materials as LiVPO4F, or Na3V2(PO4)2F3, which are promising materials for positive electrode application in Li-ion and Na-ion batteries respectively, exhibit some O-defects leading to the formation of V4+ ions locally. These V4+ ions are forming a vanadyl-type bond with the defect O, and affect the electrochemical cycling performances. Using 27Al MAS NMR we also recently characterized the Al-doping homogeneity in LiCoO2 depending on the synthesis conditions.
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2018年9月7日(金) 13:00-14:15
東京大学 工学部3号館 6階大会議室3(6B04号室)
講演者 Associate Professor Ir Dr Show Pau-Loke
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia.
概要 In recent year, Liquid Biphasic Partitioning System (LBPS) has become a proven tool used in separation and purification technology. The application of LBPSs in clarification, partitioning and partial purification of biomolecules and bioproducts had showed the rapid development. This method is able to give high recovery yield and high purity in a single step. The LBPS shows characteristics of high selectivity and is easily to scale up. Therefore, LBPS offers an attractive alternative that meets the requirements of the high demand in industry processes and it is also beneficial in terms of economic and environmental protection. In the past, a lot of works and researches have been done in order to develop feasible separation processes using different types of LBPSs and their applications in numerous product separations. This presentation aims to share on the recent literature works in the development of different type of LBPSs and their applications in novel separations and purifications of biomaterials.
世話人 菊池 康紀(内線21597)

第326回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー High-Fidelity Modelling, Simulation and Dynamic Optimisation for Smart Bioproducts Manufacturing: A Case of Beer

2018年7月27日(金) 10:00~11:30
東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工3号館 小会議室1(6C02号室)
講演題目 High-Fidelity Modelling, Simulation and Dynamic Optimisation for Smart Bioproducts Manufacturing: A Case of Beer
講演者 Dr. Dimitrios Gerogiorgis
Senior Lecturer, The University of Edinburgh
概要 Bioprocesses (especially fermentation) form the cornerstone of several food, drink and biopharmaceutical production lines of global importance, as food safety and healthcare availability are recognized Grand Challenges. The importance of high-fidelity modelling and robust model-based optimisation of these plants is ever-increasing. At the same time, Smart Manufacturing emerges as a ground-breaking technology which can invigorate industrial competitiveness in multiple sectors (food and drink, healthcare, consumer products). This seminar will focus on recent successful applications of process systems engineering methodologies (process synthesis, modelling, and most importantly dynamic simulation, optimisation and visualisation) towards evaluating and improving technical efficiency and operability of multiphase bioprocesses (with a particular emphasis on dynamic optimisation of beer, but also enzymatic keratin hydrolysis). The recent experience of industrial collaboration with a major multinational corporation (Molson Coors) under the auspices of a Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Industrial Fellowship will be discussed.
世話人 杉山 弘和(内線27227)

第325回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー Energy Research & High Impact Publishing in Joule

2018年6月25日(月) 15:00~16:30
東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工3号館 大会議室1(6C07号室)
講演題目 Energy Research & High Impact Publishing in Joule
講演者 Dr. Changrong Zhu
CellPress, Associate Editor of Joule
概要 In this talk I will offer a unique insight into the publishing process of a high-impact energy journal, from the perspective of a recent energy researcher-turned-editor. I will first introduce Joule, the new high-impact energy journal from Cell Press, and our Editorial team. Next, I will motivate and demonstrate Joule’s strong interest in serving the energy research community in China. I will then shed light on the life of a scientific editor, the manuscript life cycle, and the peer review process. Finally, I will give additional detail describing editor considerations when evaluating manuscripts and provide advice to authors from an editor’s point of view.
世話人 山田 淳夫(内線27295)