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2009年8月7日(金) 13:30~15:00
工学部2号館 機械会議室A31
講演者 Janos B.Nagy 教授
Chairman-Manager, NANOPART S.A.
概要 Helical carbon nanotubes have been synthesized by CCVD decomposing acetylene at 700°C on various supported metal catalysts. They have been studied by high resolution TEM, electron diffraction, AFM... Using AFM, and determining the fundamental vibrations of a coiled CNT, it was possible to determine the weight of a single nanoparticle of ca. 1 femto - gram. In the nanocomposite materials the surface of interaction between the CNTs and the matrix is the most important para - meter. Flame - retardant properties can also be arrived at using CNTs in composite materials.
世話人 野田 優(内線27330)

第197回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Hydroperoxide Intermediates in the Epoxidation of Propylene on Gold/Titanosilicate Catalysts

2009年6月18日(木) 16:00~17:30
講演題目 Hydroperoxide Intermediates in the Epoxidation of Propylene on Gold/Titanosilicate Catalysts
講演者 S. Ted Oyama 教授
Department of Chemical Engineering, Virginia Institute of Technology
概要 Propylene oxide (PO) is an important commodity chemical and there has been great interest in its production by a direct route that does not produce by-products or coproducts. The oxidation using H2 and O2 on Au supported on titania and Ti-silicates has been shown to proceed with high selectivity and has been the object of much study. Catalysts consisting of nanoparticles of gold supported on a mesoporous Ti silicate (Ti-TUD) with pores of 13 nm were synthesized and used for the epoxidation of propylene with mixtures of H2 and O2. The role of gold is to produce hydrogen peroxide from H2 and O2, and that the role of Ti is to carry out the epoxidation reaction through the formation of a titanium hydroperoxo species. In situ studies with x-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) and ultraviolet-visible (UV-vis) spectroscopy were used to study adsorbed intermediates during reaction. UV-vis showed the presence of highly reactive adsorbed hydroperoxide species on Ti sites. Transient XANES experiments showed that the hydroperoxides reacted at the same rate as the overall reaction, indicating that they were true intermediates in the reaction. The use of a membrane reactor allowed the safe mixing of hydrogen and oxygen to well within the explosive region (40% each), and gave propylene conversions of 10% while maintaining selectivities at the 80% level.
世話人 山下晃一(内線27228)


2008年12月11日(木) 15:00~17:00
講演題目 第196回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー
概要 ①15時~16時
講演題目: 「2次電池の現状と無機固体材料科学」
講演者:  山田淳夫氏 東京工業大学大学院総合理工学研究科

講演題目: 「予測と設計のためのケモインフォマティックス」
講演者:  船津公人氏 東京大学大学院工学系研究科
世話人 山下 晃一(内線27228)

第195回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Solution processing of complex nano-materials; From molecules to materials

2008年12月3日(木) 15:00~16:30
講演題目 Solution processing of complex nano-materials; From molecules to materials
講演者 Gunnar Westin教授
Materials Chemistry, Angstrom Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden
概要 Solution based processes have gained much interest for the preparation of complex nano-structured materials. Benefits are found in the often direct and simple processing routes allowing for technological exploitation of the processes without the use of complex and size and shape limiting vacuum equipment needed for PVD and CVD. The solution chemical routes span a huge range of sub-disciplines that have been rapidly developed and more and more hybridized during the recent decade to produce very unique and high quality materials of various shapes and complexities. Here research on heterometallic precursor chemistry and solution based routes to complex nano-structured materials in different forms representing
different kinds of complex structuring and areas of uses will be presented;

・ Solution processing with heterometallic alkoxide precursors.
・ Er-doped wave-guides for Near IR amplifiers by use of single Er-ion heterometallic alkoxides.
・ Electroceramic thin films with a focus on perovskites.
・ Complex structure and composition large band-gap semiconductors.
・ Nano-structured metals and alloys.
・ Hard composites; WC-Co.
・ Metal in ceramic nano-composites.
世話人 堂免一成(内線21148)

第199回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) タイトルなし

2008年11月30日(月) 15:00~16:30
工学部5号館 51号講義室
講演題目 タイトルなし
講演者 化学システム工学科/専攻 卒業生 8名
概要 本セミナーでは、化学システム工学科/専攻を卒業し10 年を経た卒業生が、 化学/材料・デバイス、エネルギー、安全・安心、環境、システムという 様々な分野で 大学や研究所、企業や官庁といった立場から課題解決に 取り組んでいる姿を紹介する。 現在、学生は、古今稀に見る不況下で将来への不安を抱えながら研究活動・ 就職活動を 行っている。また化学システム工学の幅広さ故に、化学システム工学 とは何か、そこで 学ぶことで得られる強みは何か自問自答しながら日々 研究活動を行っていると思われる。 本セミナーでは、卒業当時、現在と同じような不況下で、研究活動・就職活動を 行っていた1999 年学部卒業、2001年修士課程修了生が、当時の状況を 振り返りながら、現在、化学システム工学での知識・経験を活かし多方面で 活躍している姿を見てもらいたい。 本セミナーを聴講し、卒業生と交流を深めることで、学生が将来の明るいキャリアを 確信するきっかけになれば幸いである。
世話人 菅原 彩絵(内線27368)

第194回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Microstructure development in coating and drying of liquid films: Some challenges and opportunities

2008年11月21日(金) 15:00~16:30
講演題目 Microstructure development in coating and drying of liquid films: Some challenges and opportunities
講演者 Brian Higgins教授
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science University of California, Davis
概要 塗布・乾燥におけるマイクロ構造形成
(詳細は以下を参照: 機能デバイスの作製には必須の基盤技術です)

Thin liquid films in which surface tension effects are ever-present are often an integral part in the manufacturing process f many technologically important products, such as batteries, medical diagnostic devices, organic light emitting diodes (OLEDS), organic photovoltaics and printable electronics. In this talk I will review some of the established methods for precision coating, highlight the key fluid mechanical issues of thin film coating, address the modeling of dynamic wetting, and discuss the myriad of instabilities that can plague a coating process. In particular, I will discuss the physics underlying interfacial instabilities that are driven either by gradients in interfacial tension or by gradients in capillary pressure. These instabilities can be manipulated during coating and drying to yield interesting microstructures for semiconductor polymers film applications. Examples of Marongoni instabilities that arise is spin coating and in the drying of colloidal films will be reviewed, as will the role of capillary pressure gradients in wetting transitions. Finally, I will discuss opportunities for microstructure development through photo-initiated polymerization of thin liquid films.
世話人 山口 由岐夫(内線27303)

第193回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Mitigating Destruction from Large Fires: Overview of Research Collaborations in Japan

講演題目 Mitigating Destruction from Large Fires: Overview of Research Collaborations in Japan
講演者 Samuel L. Manzello博士
Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL),
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
概要 The destruction from a single Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) fire can be tremendous. Post-fire analysis suggests that spotting is the major source of structural ignition in WUI fires. Spot fires are new fires that propagate away from the main fire line due to lofted firebrands. Full scale laboratory experiments are being conducted to investigate the vulnerabilities of structures due to a firebrand attack while Dr. Manzello is in residence at the Building Research Institute in Japan. A summary of this project will be presented. Dr. Manzello also presents his research collaboration with the Center for Beter Living (CBL) in Japan.
世話人 土橋 律(内線27304)

第192回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Progress in Chemical Kinetic Modeling for Surrogate Fuels

講演題目 Progress in Chemical Kinetic Modeling for Surrogate Fuels
講演者 William J. Pitz 博士
Chemical Sciences Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA 94551, USA
概要 Gasoline, diesel, and other alternative transportation fuels contain hundreds to thousands of compounds. It is currently not possible to represent all these compounds in detailed chemical kinetic models. Instead, these fuels are represented by surrogate fuel models which contain a limited number of representative compounds. We have been extending the list of compounds for detailed chemical models that are available for use in fuel surrogate models. Detailed models for components with larger and more complicated fuel molecular structures are now available. These advancements are allowing a more accurate representation of practical and alternative fuels. We have developed detailed chemical kinetic models for fuels with higher molecular weight fuel molecules such as n-hexadecane (C16). Also, we can consider more
complicated fuel molecular structures like cyclic alkanes and aromatics that are found in practical fuels. For alternative fuels, the capability to model large biodiesel fuels that have ester structures is becoming available. These newly addressed cyclic and ester structures in fuels profoundly affect the reaction rate of the fuel predicted by the model. Finally, these surrogate fuel models contain large numbers of species and reactions and must be reduced for use in multi-dimensional models for spark-ignition, HCCI and diesel engines.
世話人 三好 明(内線27296) 越 光男

第191回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) オペレータの認知情報処理モデルに基づくプラントアラームシステムの設計と評価

講演題目 オペレータの認知情報処理モデルに基づくプラントアラームシステムの設計と評価
講演者 野田 賢
概要 プラントアラームシステムは、オペレータがプラントの異常を早期に検知し、正確な異常診断をするための重要なインタフェースの一つである。プラントアラームシステムの設計においては、人間とシステムの役割を明確にし、人間の情報処理能力の範囲内で両者を高度に協調させることが重要である。本セミナーでは、オペレータの異常診断過程を模擬するための認知情報処理モデルについて説明し、モデルに基づくプラントアラームシステムの設計・評価手法について紹介する。
世話人 平尾 雅彦(内線27387)

第190回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) 硫化物半導体ナノ粒子-構造選択的合成法-

講演題目 硫化物半導体ナノ粒子-構造選択的合成法-
講演者 金原 正幸
筑波大学大学院数理物質科学研究科化学専攻助教 寺西研究室
概要 粒径に応じ紫外-赤外領域にバンドギャップを持つ有機配位子保護硫化物半導体ナノ粒子は、溶液として扱えるため有用な材料である。本講演では高発光性や異方性構造を有する種々の硫化物半導体ナノ粒子の液相合成について述べる。
世話人 堂免 一成 (内線21148)