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第215回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Artificial protein biomaterials for tissue regeneration and repair

2012年2月29日(水) 15:00~16:00
講演題目 Artificial protein biomaterials for tissue regeneration and repair
講演者 Dr. Eileen Fong, Assistant Professor
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
概要 Genetically engineered proteins are emerging as a new class of biomaterials in tissue engineering. Recombinant artificial proteins can be designed to possess physical and chemical properties that match the microenvironment of the tissue to be replaced in the body. Here we discuss various strategies to engineer artificial proteins for biomaterials in tissue regeneration and wound repair. In our laboratory, artificial protein biomaterials have been designed to mimic both the elasticity and biological properties of native skin tissue. We show that these artificial protein substrates can support the attachment and proliferation of human skin keratinocyte stem cells in vitro. Separately, we are interested to synthesize silver particles as wound treatment therapies. Using artificial proteins as templates, we show that silver particles can be synthesized under physiological conditions. In summary, artificial proteins show promise for use as biomaterials in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.
世話人 鳴瀧彩絵(ayae@chemsys.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

第214回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) 電気化学系の大規模第一原理分子動力学計算を目指して

2011年12月9日(金) 16:00~17:30
工学部5号館6階 第5輪講室(637号室)
講演題目 電気化学系の大規模第一原理分子動力学計算を目指して
講演者 大脇 創 工学博士
日産自動車株式会社 総合研究所
概要 リチウムイオン二次電池をはじめとする各種電気化学エネルギーデバイス開発の 国際的競争が激しさを増す中,電池用材料開発への計算科学のより積極的な適用 が求められる。電極-電解質界面での第一原理反応シミュレーションでは, 電気化学的条件の設定方法や,比較的分子量の大きい溶媒分子を扱う必要性に 起因する計算モデルの大規模化が大きな課題となる。
本講演では,それら課題の克服の可能性を,主にO(N) 第一原理計算法と, 最近提唱された有効遮蔽媒体(Effective Screening Medium; ESM)法に基づく 手法開発の観点から論じる。
世話人 山下 晃一(内線27228)

第211回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Solar fuels through Bio-inspired Chemistry

2011年11月18日(金) 14:00~15:00
工学部5号館2階 第6輪講室(233A号室)
講演題目 Solar fuels through Bio-inspired Chemistry
講演者 Dr. Erwin Reisner
University of Cambridge・University Lecturer
概要 Natural photosynthesis serves as an inspiration for the development of sustainable fuel producing systems, which harvest and use electromagnetic energy to drive energetically uphill redox catalysis.1 Dye-sensitization of the semiconductor TiO2 allows for visible light absorption and charge separation,2 and the resulting conduction band (CB) electrons can in principle be used to generate electricity in a solar cell or for solar fuel production. However, fuel generation also requires the presence of a suitable catalyst: ruthenium-dye sensitized TiO2 nanoparticles can be modified with enzymes for proton reduction to H2,3,4 and the reduction of CO2 to CO.5 Remarkably, even a relatively simple and robust molecular cobalt complex containing diglyoxime ligands on dye-sensitized TiO2 can generate H2 gas upon irradiation from pH neutral buffered solution (Figure 1).6 Solar fuel producing hybrid systems and prospects for replacing enzymes with synthetic catalysts will be discussed.
世話人 堂免一成(内線21148)

第212回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Reacting Coating Flows: Instabilities in sol-gel coatings and photo-polymerization systems

2011年10月19日(水) 15:00~16:00
工学部5号館5階 第2輪講室(541号室)
講演題目 Reacting Coating Flows: Instabilities in sol-gel coatings and photo-polymerization systems
講演者 Dr. Brian G. Higgins
Professor Emeritus University of Carlifornia / Davis,CA
WolframAlpha consultant/developer
概要 In this talk I will discuss our work on sol-‐gel coatings, including new unpublished results on Hafnium Oxide films for anti‐reflective coatings. Sol‐gel coatings are an example of chemical reacting flows. Another example is photo-polymerization reactions. These flows can be subjected to flow instabilities related to surface tension gradients, the so-called Marangoni instability. I will discuss the basic phenomena underlying these instabilities, and show how they can be understood quantitatively using mathematical models with numerical simulation. However, the talk will be non-mathematical, and only a few key equations will be presented. The focus will be on the types of results one might see in experimental systems, and how one might address these instabilities.
世話人 山口由岐夫(内線27303)

第213回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) 日米の研究の差異について

2011年10月19日(水) 16:00~17:00
工学部5号館5階 第2輪講室(541号室)
講演題目 日米の研究の差異について
講演者 淵上修三 氏
概要 1. Technology Development Difference US vs Japan
2. Precision Coating Challenge
Based on the personal experience in two excellent companies, Fuji Film and 3M, the different approaches in Japan and US will be discussed. We may have to learn how to innovate original technical ideas into new businesses more from them in order for Japan to grow continuously. Looking at precision coating industry, there are several technological challenges for us, the researchers in process fundamentals to address. Thin film coating is certainly one of key challenges and thick drying is another one. Thick drying and coating will be focused to discuss briefly.
世話人 山口由岐夫(内線27303)

第209回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) 機能性薄膜のナノ~ミクロな構造制御とその応用 -環境負荷低減プロセスを目指して-

2011年6月23日(木) 13:00~14:30
講演題目 機能性薄膜のナノ~ミクロな構造制御とその応用 -環境負荷低減プロセスを目指して-
講演者 辻 佳子
東京大学大学院工学系研究科化学システム工学専攻 特任助教
概要 資源を有効に使った地球に優しい機能性材料の研究と実用化は持続可能な社会の実現のために重要である。本講演では、環境負荷低減を目指した電子・情報デバイスやエネルギーデバイスに用いる機能性薄膜材料の構造制御の観点から、ドライプロセス、特にスパッタプロセスにおける無機結晶薄膜、またウエットプロセスにおける低分子有機半導体薄膜に関する研究について、基礎と応用の両面から紹介する。
世話人 大久保達也(内線27348)

第210回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Development and Delivery of Cancer-specific RNAi Therapeutics

2011年6月23日(木) 16:00~17:00
工学部5号館3階 大会議室(337号室)
講演題目 Development and Delivery of Cancer-specific RNAi Therapeutics
講演者 Dr.Michael Goldberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States, July 2008 - Present Laboratory of Phillip A. Sharp Postdoctoral Fellow: developed cancer-specific RNAi therapeutics
概要 MITのRobert Langer研究室で博士を取得後、同MITのPhillip A. Sharp研究室 で博士研究員として精力的にsiRNAのデリバリー技術の研究を行っている Goldberg 博士に講演して頂くセミナーを開催致します。 皆様のご参加をお待ちしております。
世話人 伊藤大知(taichi@m.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

第208回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) MOFs & Zeolites in Chemical Industry

2011年6月15日(水) 15:00~16:00
講演題目 MOFs & Zeolites in Chemical Industry
講演者 Dr. Ulrich Mueller
Senior Vice President – Executive Expert BASF SE Catalysis Research – Zeolite Catalysts 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany
概要 Since mid of last century industry researches zeolite materials for applications in ion exchange, refinery, petrochemistry, adsorption, chemical industry and more recently emission control, giving rise to an annual demand of more than 1.7 - 2 million metric tons per year in total [1 and ref. therein]. Before the global economic crisis the annual market estimate for synthetic zeolites reached about 2 billion USD [1].
In chemical industry approximately nine-out-of-ten processes utilize heterogeneous catalysts and the global catalyst market was about 15 – 20 billion USD contributing to a three orders of magnitude higher value of the worth of industrial products thus generated [1].
This contribution will outline some driving forces to implement zeolites as heterogeneous catalysts in chemical industry. Examples from alkylation, epoxidation, oximation, methane and methanol conversion will illustrate how structural and compositional properties of zeolitic materials influence processes and how they have already contributed to overall economical success. Furthermore, it is indicated how the need for changes in raw material basis (e.g. natural gas, coal, renewables) might stimulate future use of zeolites [1].
Networking between research centers organized worldwide between Japan, China and Europe will be presented as a strategic tool to arrive at higher efficiency and success rate in managing research projects.
In a related topic more recent industrial efforts to synthesize and use metal-organic frameworks will be addressed. Now for the first time MOFs supply ultimate porosity with absence of blocked volume in solid matter thus leading to world records in weight-specific surface area up to more than 10,000 m²/g, and due to this high porosity of these new compounds some fields in application might be overlapping with the ones where conventionally zeolites have been used for [2-6].
It will be outlined how zeolites and metal-organic frameworks can be used supplementarily and where metal-organic framework compositions might be in favor over state-of-the-art inorganic materials.
Report will be given on industrial experience from technical ton-scale production of MOF-materials and its use in gas storage and gas processing applications [7,8 and ref. therein]. Examples of the performance in sorption, mobile natural gas and hydrogen storage technology, and catalysis will be presented.
[1] B. Yilmaz, U. Mueller, Top. Catal. (2009) 52, 888-895.
[2] H. Li, M. Eddaoudi, M. O´Keefe, O.M. Yaghi, Nature, 402 (1999) 276 – 279.
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[8] U. Mueller, M.M. Schubert, O.M. Yaghi, Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis, 2nd ed, G. Ertl, H. Knözinger, F. Schüth, J. Weitkamp (Eds.), Wiley-VCH, 2008, Vol.1, p. 247-262.
世話人 大久保達也(内線27348)

第207回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Part I 「なぜ溶液または融液からのセラミックス直接作製プロセスを研究するのか?-材料と社会と自然環境をグローバルに考える-」 Part II 「プレゼンテーション、特に英語で発表するときのコツ」

2010年11月22日(月) 16:30~18:30
講演題目 Part I 「なぜ溶液または融液からのセラミックス直接作製プロセスを研究するのか?-材料と社会と自然環境をグローバルに考える-」 Part II 「プレゼンテーション、特に英語で発表するときのコツ」
講演者 吉村 昌弘 教授
概要 Part I:
(2)物質合成と材料作製の違いは? セラミックスって何?
溶液法によるCeO2, ZrO2, HApなどのナノ粒子、BaTiO3, SrTiO3, LiCoO2, CaWO4などの膜およびTiO2, CeO2, CaWO4, BaTiO3, カーボンのパターンなどの例について紹介する。さらに研究や教育のグローバル化についてもお話ししたい。
Part II:
世話人 大久保達也(内線 27348)

第206回化学システム工学専攻公開セミナー(終了) Application of Synchrotron and Laser Methods to Combustion Chemistry

2010年6月9日(水) 15:00~17:00
工学部5号館3階 談話室(341号室)
講演題目 Application of Synchrotron and Laser Methods to Combustion Chemistry
講演者 Dr.Craig A. Taatjes
Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratories, U.S.A.
概要 Predictive simulation of combustion processes, the longstanding "end goal" of combustion science, requires understanding of turbulent fluid mechanics, complicated chemical kinetic networks, and the interactions between them. Although thousands of reactions may be required to comprehensively describe the chemistry of combustion, the detailed chemistry is especially important in a few areas, such as autoignition and pollutant formation. In these areas knowledge of branching fractions is often critical for understanding the significance of individual reactions. I will discuss recent work that applies laser methods and the powerful technique of tunable synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry to study elementary reactions of importance for molecular weight growth (e.g., propargyl radical and vinyl radical reactions) and for autoignition (reactions of alkyl and substituted alkyl radicals with O2). I will also emphasize the key role that advanced theoretical kinetics plays in interpreting and extending experiment for complex reactions.
世話人 戸野倉賢一(内線22119)